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Thread: Happy Birthday BigK

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    BK, sounds like you have a nice day lined up.
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    Happy birthday BigK !!!
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    Happy Day, Big K! Hope you have a healthy, happy year. You have so much to look forward to! Congratulations to you and your wife.

    All the best, Mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigK View Post
    Thanks guys and thank you Anty for being the official birthday shout out person. I laugued when I saw my name on here because it always seemed to me that if you are even somewhat known or pull any wieght around here (even if it's only half a pound in my case LOL), you will officialy know it when Anty posts a happy birthday message LOL. If i'm wrong and you post one for everyone don't tell me because I would like to believe in my head that I have made a name for myself . I am going to go out to eat lunch with my pregnant wife and my parents . Then my wife is making one of my favorite meals for dinner, Cajun marinated shrimp and I am thinking of throwing a filet mignon in there, I haven't decided yet but I am sure I will. I am only 2 1/2 years out from my injury but it already feels like a long time. I guess I will try and pretend I am not paraplegic today and just have fun. My biggest Birthday wish is to just not be in any pain for just 1 day. My wife just gave me my gift and it is an Ipod Touch . These things are awesome! I am always behind on the latest gadgets so I feel like I am "in" now LOL. I didn't even have a cell phone until 2004 and all of my ARMY buddies kept making fun of me for being behind on the times. Anyways, I hope all of you out there will have a great day too and I hope none of you are going through any health issues at the moment. Here's to another year fighting back SCI and hopefully a big year for advancements in research. I have a feeling I will see some kind of improvement in my lifetime and even if they can't fix me I will still be happy if they find a way to at least fix acute injurys so that I know my generation would be the last to have to go through this. I also want to thank the older SCI folks here who have gone through this for a very long time and have paved the way for newer injurys like myself so that we have better care and technology and awareness for almost every aspect of health for people that have traded their legs for wheels. Thanks guys and may you have a happy, healthy and UTI free day too.
    Hi Ken,
    Happy B'Day my fellow Veteran.
    Hope you have a real good lunch w/your pregnant wife & your parents & hope that you will have many happy more in the years to come.
    Enjoy your new IPOD touch. Hope it will give you many years of joy & happiness.

    Bob S.
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