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Thread: Sometimes food is so pretty.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Perhaps this is actually bocconcini??

    That may be it, but I have never heard of Bocconcici either. lol We love cheese here, but there is only one good deli in town, and since he refuses to put in a ramp, I refuse to shop there. He is really expensive also. I have always wanted to try and make my own cheese, Anyone ever tried that? I have access to fresh goat milk.

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    For any one who wants to cheat for their Super Bowl Party ....

    College Student par-TAY fake:

    Step 1) Bag of English muffin (or other breakfast roll) {can also work with white bread}
    Step 2) Jar of pizza quick sauce or another jar of el Cheapo Spaghetti Sauce
    Step 3) Kraft "White" American Singles (It is the best fake out "Mozzarella Cheese")

    Mini Pizza's in a flash with a toaster oven, with a regular oven and a cookie sheet it is whole sale comfort food with a tad more work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Perhaps this is actually bocconcini??


    You're right. My bad It's a great cheese because it doesn't have an overwhelming flavour which means it picks up the flavours surrounding it quite well. Unfortunately it is difficult to find fresh mozzarella out here, and the pre-packaged stuff just doesn't cut it, so I'm left with using this cheese.

    I'm really enjoying going out to restaurants or food joints, trying something, liking it, and then reinventing it myself so that it's cheaper and healthier! The sandwich I was inspired by is tiny and costs $6 at Starbucks!!!

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    damn that does look good and super easy to make! I gota do it now!
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    Our prime rib for New Years. A thing of beauty.

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    no offense kiran,but skogy hit it out of the park!

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    You win Skogy. I am not going to post a photo of my sauerkraut and spareribs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    You win Skogy. I am not going to post a photo of my sauerkraut and spareribs.
    It's not pretty, but it is heavenly. On the menu for 6 friends for dinner tonight:
    Sauerkraut simmered with Meaty Country Ribs
    Mashed Potatoes and Pork Gravy
    Roasted Beets Salad
    Wine Poached Apples with Cranberry Chutney
    Steamed Date Pudding and Whipped Cream

    Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we diet!!!

    Happy New Year to all,
    GJ and NL

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    I'd eat that everyday...........very nice!!!
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