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Thread: Sometimes food is so pretty.......

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    Sometimes food is so pretty.......

    you just don't wanna eat it. I whipped this together for lunch today, after being inspired by a Starbucks sandwich. Spinach leaves, roma tomatoes, and bocchini on ciabatta bread with a pesto mayo dressing.

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    One eats with the eyes first, very pretty and tasty looking too.

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    What a beautiful picture!

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    Pesto mayo sounds great! Share that recipe?
    I might make this for lunch today

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    F-ORN... (food porn)

    Dear KiranA,

    It look delicious. Have you ever used mozzarella rather than bocchini cheese? I can almost taste the ciabatta bread, fresh cut tomatoes and the spinach leaves.

    Cheers to delectable good food,

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    I'm having a Pavlovian response just looking at the picture! Yum....and you're right, very beautiful too with all the colors in play.

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    Please dont laugh at me, but I have never heard of bocchini . Is it a goat cheese? That sandwich looks so good yummmm. I do a lot of cooking and baking so tyhat is something I will have to try. I dont want to brag, but we have a former professional chef living with us, and if I really pay attention--he may make me a good cook. Even if he wont eat my food!

    The boys like the tomatos with mozarella with balsamic vinegar. They love fresh tomatos, but hate ketchep. Who can figure kids out?

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    Food is never too pretty to eat! I gobble down garnishes and edible portions of centerpieces if I'm hungry. That is a tasty looking sandwich though.

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    Perhaps this is actually bocconcini??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazlo View Post
    I gobble down garnishes and edible portions of centerpieces if I'm hungry.
    you're THAT guy!

    looks good Kiran. take a peek at the nutrition facts for Starbucks' food sometime. you'll make your own more often.

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