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Thread: New Granddaughter

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    New Granddaughter

    My son & his wife had her last night she is 7.9 lbs 20 1/2 " long her name is Paislee Mom & baby all OK.
    She makes are this crap we have to put up with worth it.
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    Wahooo! Congrats! Is this your first grandchild?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post
    Wahooo! Congrats! Is this your first grandchild?
    Thanks No I have 5, 3 boys & 2 girls my daughter has 2 boys & 1 girl my son 1 each

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    Quote Originally Posted by jryprt View Post
    ...She makes are this crap we have to put up with worth it.
    That's for sure. She's precious.
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    She's adorable. Kids do make it easier...congratulations!

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    She is so beautiful, Jerry. Congrats!
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    Congrats she is beautiful.

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    AWWW! That face! I wanna bit her!

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    So cute, I want to be a grandmother...
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    she is beautiful. congratulations on your new granddaughter. They are wonderful arent they?
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