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    Cell Phone Spammer

    Yesterday, I received a voice mail from a guy who said that he was calling in reply to my call to him last week about reducing my credit card rate. He said it was a follow-up call, and that he could give me a rate of 1.6% as a credit card rate reduction. He also asked that I call him back at a 1-800 number. I certainly did not call him back, because that would just give him the head's UP that I do have an active cell phone number.

    Funny thing, I have NOT called anyone about a credit card at all. I wholeheartedly believe this was an attempt to get bank info from me, and to steal my identity.

    The other funny thing was...he NEVER ONCE gave me a business name, but only said his own name, and who knows if that was really his name or not...

    Also...the 1-800 number did not match the phone number that logged into my "received" calls on my list on my cell phone. I suppose that could be ok, as the 1-800 number COULD be a business...but certainly a SHADY business for sure!

    Please friends, beware of these type spam scams. If you are looking for info about finances, YOU be the instigator of the call, and investigate anyone calling you and asking for info.

    Hope this helps someone.

    I had a friend who lost $5,000 by giving out bank information. It's just not safe.



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    Weird Teena, lol

    I had a guy keep calling me saying I was default on a bill at some bank I never had an account with. I told him so. He said will you verify your SS#. I said no! This turned into a 5 minute battle him trying to get my SS#. I finally hung up. They're out there. Watch out they'll take all your money.

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    Ah ha, but what if you don't have any money for them to steal??? Hmmmmmm.- will they pay the bills????

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