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Thread: Susan Fajt has passed away

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    Susan Fajt has passed away

    Sadly, a friend of the family, Susan and Susan's father told us Susan has passed away. He did not give us any details on what caused her death.


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    My condolences to her dad and family. May she finally be at peace.
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    ........ I wish her family and friends peace !

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    This is very sad. Such a young and vibrant spirit. Her family must be devastated. My condolences to them.

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    I was just thinking about her, she was too young a girl to pass away, my deepest sympathies to family and friends.

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    So sorry to hear. My prayers for all.

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    Very sad to hear that. I am sure she is walking and running now!

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    ((hugs)) Sorry to hear this

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    32 years old, how young, how very sad.

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    Wow! That's a shock. Condolences of course to her family.
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