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Thread: Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit

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    But wait, you might have something there! According to the above post, a veteran must be on VA pension to be eligible for Aid & Attendant care. So, check it out:

    64.104 Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability for Veterans

    To assist wartime veterans in need whose non-service- connected disabilities are permanent and total preventing them from following a substantially gainful occupation.

    Eligibility Requirements
    Applicant Eligibility
    Those veterans who have had 90 days or more of honorable active war-time service in the Armed Forces or if less than 90 days wartime service were released or discharged from such service because of a service-connected disability, who are permanently and totally disabled for reasons not necessarily due to service. Income restrictions are prescribed. Pension is not payable to those whose estates are so large that it is reasonable they use the estate for maintenance. Veterans discharged on or after October 16, 1981, must have served for 2 years or the length to which called, if less than 2 years, or have a service-connected disability (38 U.S.C.5303(A)).

    "Active war-time service" -- I would definitely check into this, and find a good VSO to help me. If you can get approved for pension, you may well be eligible for Aid & Attendant care. But I may be reading it wrong wrong...

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    I'm going to ask a question here. Is this benefit income dependent? My mother is a surviving spouse of a ww1 vet with service connected disability who collects a pension. She is quite elderly, not as old as my dad would be if he were still alive lol, there was 26 years difference between them. Bless her she is still independent with her adl's. But when and if the time should come I'm wondering if she could benefit from this.

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    No, Cara. Only the Veteran is eligible for Aide & Attendance. It is not a dependent benefit. Or did I misunderstand? Is your mother also a Veteran?


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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52 View Post
    This improved pension benefit allows for Veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, dressing, undressing, bathing or taking care of the needs of nature to receive additional monetary benefits. It also helps Veterans who are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities

    KLD you did not misunderstand. My mother is not the veteran, my father was. I only ask the question because the op said that veterans and surviving spouses would be entitled to the attendant care. Since my fathers discharge was disability, service connected, and served during time of war, it is my understanding that surviving spouses get a little more of an enhanced benefits package than a regular honorable discharge. This is why I was wondering if she would be eligible. If the answer was in the link provided I admit I didn’t read it and probably should. I will call the pva nso this week. If I learn anything different I will definitely post what they had to say. If by any chance you have more feed back please let me know.

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    "Aide & Attendance", that's where I'm going wrong...

    Here you go, Cara, check this out:

    I can't speak for the source here, but it's a starting point:

    Aid and Attendance Pension for Military Veterans or Their Widowed Spouses

    Did you know the VA will help pay for an aide or caretaker to come into the home to care for a Veteran, Veteran's Spouse, or a Widowed Spouse of a Veteran? Of course, this Aid and Attendance Pension will help pay the costs of assisted living also. The amount of money that the VA pays is determined by income versus expenses ....whether it's a Veteran, a Couple, or a Widowed Spouse of a Veteran...

    Generally, to qualify for this tax free monthly pension from the VA , the Veteran must have served in the military during a period of war, had an honorable discharge, and assets cannot be in excess of $80,000 (excluding the house and auto).

    If qualified, the Widowed Spouse of a Vet could get as much as $998 month.

    Veteran could get $1554, and a Couple could get $1842. (These amounts increase each year.)

    Remember...The Veteran or widowed spouse must be disabled, but the Veteran doesn't have to be injured in a war or be retired from the Military in order to qualify for this MONEY! You just have to be a VETERAN (or widowed spouse of a Veteran) who had an Honorable Discharge...and were in the Military during a time of war. The Veteran does not have to serve in a war zone or anything else. They just need to have 90 days of active military duty with one of these days served during an official war time. Yes, the Gulf War is considered a REAL war, and this time is included also.
    I'll keep searching this to see what the process is.

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    Does anyone know what the dollar amount for A&A is from the old system verses the new system or a link with this info?
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    The old rate should be minus the COLA we recieved last time. If I recall it was about 5% or better. Here is the 2009 federal benefits for veterans handbook. If the link doesnt work, you can go to the VA website and look up the online booklet.
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    Thanks Skippy but I am referring to the old system of 40 years ago in compairson to the system as it is set up now. I am on the old system, rate hasn't increased or decreased in 30 some years.
    From the time you were born till you ride in a hearse, there is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse!

    All fringe benifits must be authorized by Helen Waite, if you want your SCI fixed go to Helen Waite!

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    No idea there, Oldtimer.
    This is all getting too complicated, second KLD's advice to consult a VSO. I will add this though:
    Not all veterans service organizations are equal, nor are their respective veterans service officers. It's a helluva deal that veterans have to become lawyers to survive the system. Delay, deny and hope that I die... don't give up!

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    Quadvet, you and the op have offered a wealth of information to me. I am certainly on it and whatever I find out I will share here. As I said, she is not quite in need of it yet, however whatever info I can learn now could possibly help make the future less stressful, if she should need it.

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