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Thread: There goes the neighborhood!

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    There goes the neighborhood!

    Hello all, sorry but you have another Sullivan to put up with. My name is Ann, and my brother is MarkPals. He has been telling me what a good site this is for information and support, and I need both some days.

    For anyone who doesnt know Mark, he and his twin brother both have ALS, and thats also known as Lou Gehrigs disease, and they are on vents. We also have a friend named DeClan who lives with us and he is PALS also.

    We live together with each other and our 2 little brothers who are very healthy so far. Michael just went on the vent and we are bringing him home so I probably wont have a lot of time, but I know Mark really enjoys his time here, and thanks for keeping him out of trouble. I am hoping there are some nite owls here because that is usually when I get on the computer.

    I didnt know where to start so I put this in the Family place. I will have to learn my way around.

    See you later!

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    hey ann glad you joined ive heard alot of good things about you mark is a cool guy but take care

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    Ann, good to have you here...take care!


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    Hi Ann. Mark's made many friends here, myself included. I'm glad he found this website. I went to high school in Anaconda and lived in Butte a few times as a kid, so I know the area. You all have a wonderful, loving family. It brings us pleasure to listen to Mark talk about you guys. Glad you're aboard.
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    Ann, welcome aboard! Marks a great guy and its nice to see he has a great support system!

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    Welcome Ann.

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    Hi - I'm glad you finally got signed up! It sounds like you have a wonderful family.

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    Welcome - we've heard about you!
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    Welcome Ann! I almost feel like I already know you from Mark's posts, but am very glad you decided to join us. Mark is a very valued member here.

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