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Thread: My husband has a T4 complete injury. Questions for wives???

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    Peanut- I see older couples walking and holding hands, looking so in love and wish my husband could walk by my side and we could be like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draggin' Lady View Post
    We should have a website where we post pix (with license plates proudly displayed) of every vehicle (private, commercial, etc) blocking the HC spots. Would make a great site for venting.....
    Or does one exist that I don't know about yet?
    Yes, there are several sites like this. This is one of the largest:


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    So I called our local police department and they have a mobile neighboorhood watch program. I have to go take classes and do some ride-alongs. AND THEN... I get a offical shirt and jacket to wear and check out the mobile neighboorhood watch police car and go write tickets to people parked in the HC spaces!!! I am sooooo excited I can stand it!!! I told my hubby he has to come get certified with me so we can make it our date night to go write tickest! Cant wait. I will let you all know how it goes. Watch out all you Mercedes, BMW, overweight, mentaly handicaped, lazy, intitled, rude, inconsiderate --------s, here I come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loves2rescue View Post
    And Im not trying to sound insensitive here (yet I will) being overweight a few pounds and having to many kids IS NOT A HANDICAP. WALK! UGH!
    No kidding! I am normally pretty laid back about parking issues but for some reason this one really pisses me off.

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    You go Newbie!!! Way to take a stand.

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    newbee good for you. i hope you dont get writers

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    I am DaveT's wife. We were leaving the clinic last summer on a very hot day. They had just poured new tar on the lot to make matters worse. A woman had parked on the cutout by the door to get to the parking lot to run in. We waited and she came out half apoligetic. Dave has a trach and looked pretty tough as was one of the first times he was out after 2 mo hospital stay for pnuemonia. I just looked pissed, but did not say a thing. Then she sarcastically said "smile, you are lucky to be alive." I lost it and ran after her. Lucky she hopped in the car or I may have jumped on her back and pulled her hair. (only half kidding) I screamed she could walk her $%^&%# across the lot etc. I am usually pretty mellow. Dave's accident was 11/08. It was our first incident like this. We don't even mind when people ask how he is driving (with a sip and puff) and get a kick out of little kids staring at his chair. I swear if I see her (unique car) I may have road rage.

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    I'll tell you somethin...

    If you have the desire and the means...take a couple days and travel to central or South America. I personally just came back from Costa Rica this afternoon. I take a vacation there, maybe twice a year.

    Not nearly so many curb cuts...but its good because it'll teach you to be adaptable. People there treat me like i used to be treated in the US before I got hurt. And yeah, if I need help with something, there are four people helping me.

    I don't know exactly what it is...people in the US are just self centered.

    Quote Originally Posted by newbee View Post
    So my husband was injured just over 2 years ago.
    Have you seen Avatar yet??? Well when the blue woman crouches over Jake when he is down on the ground and hisses at the enemy and takes a stance to protect him like a momma bear protecting her cub, that is me
    I am going nuts. People are so inconsiderate! Just this morning I was going into a bagel shop. First I parked in the 30 min parking, then moved to the back of the lot because I thought I may be there longer.
    As I was walking in this young girl parked her car in the only handicapped spot leaving her car running. I fallowed her in and confonted her while she paid for her bagel. Asked her if she was the one parked there andshe said yes. I told her how inconsiderate she is and that my husband is in a wheelchair and he would need that spot. She got all defensive and said she wasnt there for that long and leaving. I told her the spot was not for her and it is not ok for her to park there EVER!
    These things keep happening to me. At the movies concerts, the mall, foot ball games, everywhere! How are people so thoughtless and selfish??
    Is there something wrong with me that I get so fired up? Why cant I just let it go???

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    I'm usually a pretty quiet gal except for when we get parked in. Since my husband's ramp lets out on the side it's absolutely necessary for us to have enough space for the ramp which is provided by those yellow lined areas next to a handicapped spot. Well most people seem to have no idea what they're for and love to park on the yellow lines, which essentially parks us in. Once I got into an argument with this dude in sportscar who did that to us. I won. You won't ever see me argue or yell at anyone, UNLESS someone parks my husband and I in or messes with my husband. Something I've found to be helpful is that in the city, apparently a lot of people who don't have handicapped placards or plates like to sit in the handicapped spots on the street while they're waiting to pick someone up, and my husband will pull up right behind them and honk, or I'll get out and tell them my husband is in a wheelchair and we need that spot, and they'll move without a fight.

    I feel kind of funny when I see guys about the same height/build/hair color as my husband too sometimes. I feel like I have to remind myself that he is actually almost a foot taller than me (if he were standing). I don't think it's wrong to think about the way my husband would be if they were standing and walking again. I love him the way that he is and it always kind of gives me a little bit of hope when I see a tall gentleman about his age with reddish hair walking around. Maybe someday that will be him! But until then, we sure are living life the best we can and not waiting around for anything.
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    We have a ramp on our van also. I admit I never knew what the van accessable spots were before Dave's fall. (I never would have parked in one)
    We had a small orange cone in the garage and I got the idea it would be a good idea to put it close to the ramp door when we parked at Target.
    When we came back the cone was stolen, so much for that idea! There was also a car with handicap plates right next to the van-but no way to know if they took the cone.
    The worst part was it night,Xmas traffic, snowing and windy. I ended up backing out, blocking the lane and loading Dave in the middle of the lot. He can drive with the sip and puff, but needs me to get him in the van. We are pretty new at this so it took a while.

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