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Thread: CNA Background checks???

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    Question CNA Background checks???

    I desperately need your help please? I can no longer afford to hire cna's from agencies due to the high cost.

    I am now researching how to hire my own private cna's. What kind of background checks do you do? I know I need to check references but we all know those can be easily fabricated.

    What else should I do to check credentials and keep safe? I could require them to bring a copy of their police report from their current town where they live, that would show criminal activity from that current state, but what if they were a mass murderer from another state?

    To obtain a nationwide criminal check, wouldn't that have to be done by the FBI? What do you require when you hire outside help to come into your home?

    Both my husband and I are disabled and we feel like we are sitting targets! Not a good feeling at all. I am really dreading this and sometimes I feel like just giving up. Struggle struggle struggle!!!

    Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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    I've never needed to hire an aide, but I can understand your concern. Get information about their latest employers and call them. You can then double check their SS# and ask what address of residence is listed in the employees records. It also probably wouldn't hurt to ask about problems such as tardiness, or excessive time taken off of work.

    I would request that they bring you a copy of their DMV printout, and current vehicle registration. Also, where they live, landlord, and length of time lived at that address. If it is less than a few years, I would request their previous residence & landlord information. Also, check court records in the county where they live, or used to live for dui, or drug arrests/charges.

    There are many companies that do background checks on the internet for under $50 dollars. It might not hurt to use one of them, but don't just stop at that. Check on your own as much as possible. You might be surprised what you can find out by just "googling" a person's name.

    Good luck! I hope someone who has experience in this area can give you some pointers.

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    Definitely check references!
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    I have a friend who is a licensed PI. She will do these checks for less than $100. I have referred a number of clients to her. As a PI she has access to national databases that you cannot get into. The first thing she does it to check if their SS# is valid. She says this is the most common problem she finds (often because the person is an illegal immigrant). The clients I have referred to her have been very satisfied with her work. You can undoubtably find someone in your area who can do the same.

    Definitely check references, and always insist on the most recent employer as a reference.

    Keep in mind that many good PCAs (personal care attendants) are not CNAs. A CNA (certified nursing assistant) is state certified, but it is not required that you hire someone who is a CNA if you are doing private hire. Many of the best PCAs are not CNAs or HHAs (home health aides). In my experience, most CNAs and HHAs have no training at all in SCI care, so that is no guarantee you will get what you need, and those who are not CNAs are more likely to treat you like an employer and not like a "patient".


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    You can also try this site ( Click on verify listings in the center bottom of the page. You'll need their Social Security number. It will in fact tell you if they are in the cna registry and if they have or have not substantiated finding of resident abuse, resident neglect or misappropriation of resident property. Oh, it is free.

    I hope this helps... D
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    Thank you!

    Thank you for your replies. They were very helpful. Here goes ... wish me luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    Definitely check references!
    why is it that some people are listed at every address they've lived at, while others you enter names of have nolisting at all. how do you keep your name and address from appearing on these public information searches.

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    Hi Liz,

    I'm just the messenger. I don't know why some people are listed, along with where they have lived, and others are not on the radar. For the other concern, take a look at what Zaba recommends.
    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
    --General George Patton

    Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
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    Exclamation mama mia!!!

    well, i interviewed a personal care assistant here at home yesterday, my first one. what a big mistake i made by interviewing her here at my house!!!

    no real experience, other than caring for her daughter who had been brain injuried, but i thought she would be trainable. she had recently lost her two children in tragic accidents as well as her marriage of 30 years ending.

    i thought to go through all of that and still to be trying to survive, she deserved a chance. (i was able to verify all of the above through a simple google search on her name before she got here.)

    well.............................................. .......................
    she interviewed very well. after she left i contacted several of her references and found out that she's a thief, she steals peoples identities, she makes her living by moving in with people (she asked me during the interview if i would consider live in!) and robbing them blind, she steals checks and credit cards, has mental problems, even steals from her family, has a long police record, etc.

    plus she's a meth drug addict!!! (i wondered why she was 55 and looked 85.)

    lesson learned--

    1. NEVER interview at home again!! instead meet at local mcdonald's. then

    2. check references and do background search BEFORE allowing them to know where i live, come into my house, or even have my telephone number!!!

    this has really scared me and made me think that i should only use people
    through agencies. but then whose to know if the agency has REALLY screened them well? i'm going to ask in the future to see a screening file on the employee if i use an agency.

    i guess the name of the game is ...
    caution, caution, caution!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    Hi Liz,

    I'm just the messenger. I don't know why some people are listed, along with where they have lived, and others are not on the radar. For the other concern, take a look at what Zaba recommends.
    That PO Box route seems to work unless it's a military APO or FPO. This truly sucks! I fiddled with some of my old info and I'd say never (like we didn't know this before) take out a VA or FHA mortgage. All those home equity loan calls are because the government sells our info to lending companies. How they get other info, if you want to pay a lot, is probably from background checks if you have a sensitive position. You might fall under that one.

    And I found one birth certificate for someone that obviously wasn't cross filed to a death certificate. In other words, someone out there is not who they say they are but they have a ton of backup based on a birth certificate to prove they are the new person. This is why infants now have social security numbers.
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