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Thread: How to get a V-front end without a tapered seat on the latest TiLite order forms

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    How to get a V-front end without a tapered seat on the latest TiLite order forms

    Now that TiLite has eliminated the "C package" from their order forms, it might appear that it is no longer possible to order the V front end without also getting a tapered seat.

    Well, I have it from a very well placed source within the company that it is indeed possible to get a V front end and still keep your front seat width the same as your rear seat width.

    Now, some of you more-cynical members are probably thinking:

    "They probably made it a Designs Unlimited special so they can charge us even more than the $200 we had to pay for the old C package. You bastards!".

    Guess what? You'd be wrong.

    It now costs absolutely nothing to order the V-front end. Simply check "No Seat Taper" and spec out the desired "Footrest Width" under "V-Front End", and there you have it.

    Oh, but you still wouldn't be able to say you have a "ZRc" or "TRc" (or join our secret societies).

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    is the v-front better?

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