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Thread: hey cat people

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    hey cat people

    I have been trying to get a p.p sample from jack. he has been peeing on my bed. only my bed. now it is an air mattress on the floor. by now he knows what I am after. any advice on getting a sample from a cat? I took him for a walk today, and have been basically following him around with a plastic bag. he is crated with dried leaves instead of litter since he seems to like to pee in them when we go on our regular walks, however now he has decided it is his bed. so I put in another. no luck. he drinks a ton, and I can tell he needs to go. I know if I just opened my bedroom door he would pee on the air matress but dont want to encourage that. If let him out of the crate he runs to my door and is crazy to get in. he even peed on me with me in bed. vet wants a sample. he is not blocked. and it is not spraying. it is his whole bladder emptied on my bed. He has no fever. He is chewing the hair on his back, but has no fleas, and has gotten kitty acne which is why I think he has a uti. He has never had a problem not using his litter box in the past.

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    Could it be psychological? Once they get that, it's difficult to cure them of it.
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    yes true. I am heartbroken. he is a large cat, and can pee as much as I. I mean it sounds like a man peeing in the litterbox.

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    Jody, the fat-fluffy Moo cat is diabetic, and we need to get regular urine samples from him to monitor his sugar levels. It can be a challenge for sure!

    Our best success has been with locking him in the bathroom overnight with a shallow box that's lined with a trash bag and a small scattering of litter. He will eventually use the box, and we're then able to pour out some urine from the box into a specimen container. He's stubborn and will try to hold it rather than use anything other than his regular litter boxes (he's so good about that), but eventually relents.

    I'd never wish any animal ill, but in this case I do hope it's an easily fixable physical problem like a UTI rather than a mental/stubbornness issue. And I know I don't need to remind you to use lots of enzymes on your bed and linens so he's not attracted back there. Feel better, Jack and Jody.
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    This is proberly a bad idea but the have small plastics bags for babies to take a urine sample. If it is possible to put it on him and keep it there and maybe you are lucky and he will pee in it in the end.

    But I like hipcrips idea. My cats do everything in a box in the bathroom, I would have been putting a plastic bag inside it, that was a good idea. I will remember that one.

    I can ask in my other forum if anybody has an idea, nearly all of them have cats and maybe some of them has a good idea too.
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    Jody, I saw your kitty posted. He is adorable. (I sent you a private PM). When you say you take him for walks, he walks with you outside? I had a cat who used to walk on a harness and leash while I wheeled around outside. He loved it.

    Sometimes the heavier kitties can have more health and bladder infections, etc. He may have a behavioral issue. Leaves from the outside have the scent of neighborhood dogs or cats, or squirrels (wild-life) which may also be threatening to your cat. He may feel another animal is in the house competing for attention. Cats are such sensitive and amazing creatures. They do not intend to be territorial, but they can spray and do these less than pleasant soiling things around the house to make sure their scent is the only one in the house and they own you..

    I have had this happen to me too. There are a couple of things I would try right away. Feed and allow water. Try putting your cat in the bathroom with two clean litterboxes. (I like to use two because some of my cats will pee in one box and #2 in the other.) If he pees a lot, then chances are you will be able to get a sample from the box.

    The boxes should be cleaned very well. Add a handful of litter on one side. You can then drain it into a cup or container with lid to bring to the vet. I think THC's idea is good of putting plastic, but I just use the box directly.

    Excessive peeing is often a sign of diabetes or kidney problems. I had a couple of rescued cats with CRF (chronic renal failure) who lived well and able to be maintained for a couple of years with administration of sub-q fluids and special diet. The vet also should be able to get a urine sample at the vets office if you really cannot get it. I have had kitties with problems before and know how frustrating it can be. If you have more than one cat, sometimes they also show dominance by spraying, but if only one cat, my guess is it is something related to health or the litterbox. Good luck Jody. I may have some other ideas as well if you want to PM me.

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    You can buy some "pearls" by the vet to put in the cat box so the cat can pee on and give the "pearls" to the vet after. First answer I got
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    They used to have a litter box that used those tiny, polished gravel pieces that you see in fish tanks for litter. This way, it was easy to obtain a urine sample for a diabetic cat.
    You might be able to do the same thing with a empty litter pan and that fish tank gravel. Then, once your cat has done its business, just tilt the box on its side to drain the urine in a cup.

    If its still hard to get a sample from your cat at home, any vet can do it by passing a catheter into your cats urethra. They did this to my cat once, and she meowed loud for a couple seconds, and then they were done.

    If the tests show that your cat has a UTI and needs oral medicine, they make these things called "Pill Pockets" that you put the pill into and give to your cat as a treat. I use these things all the time when I give Daisy her flea pill every month.

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    My first thought was a UTI.

    As others have said, the vet should be able to give you or recommend some sort of special litter. I think for a urinalysis, it'd be hard to do properly with pee drained off regular litter.

    Or the vet can catheterise him. Also, the vet can just keep the cat at the vets for the day, and use the special litter they have for the purpose.

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    I went out and got some fish gravel this morning. I think it will work, and wash out to use again. I thought he was diabetic, but when I took him in an said I was worried he was diabetic the vet had a big belly laugh and said he is way too fat to be a diabetic kitty. aparently a cat with diabetes is very thin. He drinks a lot. pees a large amount. the smell has been very strong too. I did ask the vet here if they had any of the little balls to get a urine sample, and they did not know what I ment. he checks my door to see if it latched all the way. He is very determined that he must pee in my bed., which I only have a frame againts the wall now and sleeping in my roommates mancave while he is on the couch. he has pulled on the bathroom door so much that I have to replace the strike plate. it will no longer latch, so he is in a large wire crate except for his walks.

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