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Thread: Hamstring lenghtening question

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    Cool Hamstring lenghtening question

    I see dr. chen in feb here in chicago and am going to ask him if this procedure would do me any good. Ihave unreal spasticity that is controlled by the pump but my hamstrings are so tight even physical therapy does little to ease walking,exersising or tightness. Is this a pipe dream or should I pursue this?

    thank you dr young and sci nurses

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    I am not sure you can lengthen the hamstrings to decreease tightness. Is the pump turned up enough? Botox to the hamstrings? Do you use a standing frame?

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    Cool sci nurse

    I am at a very high dose 1100ug i believe and yes I do a lot of standing and exercising but quads are strong, but ankles, hamstrings and calf muscles are weak due to quadraparesis . According to dr. penn, one of the pioneers of the medtronic pump, my dr who is now retired, told me the highest human dose that would be close to so called dangerous was 1600 ug.

    as I mentioned I will discuss with dr. chen at r.i.c here in chicago any options available, including the lokomat. I am also gonna try to get special therapy at the illinois back institute which specializes in harness treadmill walking which I would love to try. I use a treadmill at a local health club but my gait is terrible due to paralysis of trunk muscles, thank you for your response

    ps. I also due a lot of backward walking in the water which of course I could not possibly do on land

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