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Thread: Enemeez usage

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    Enemeez usage

    I got some samples from Enemeez and before I started trying them I want some advice. I use the bisacodyl suppositories now, putting one in for about 20 minutes before getting on the hopper. I do this in bed, transfer to my chair and then to the toilet. Should I do the same with the enemeez, or do they work too quickly and be used on the toilet?

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    It varies but the Enemeez is supposed to act more quickly. Actualy 20 minutes for a supp is't bad.
    Usually in several minutes so I would be prepared just in case the first time.


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    When I tried Enemeez, my blood pressure went sky high. Be careful!

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    The Enemeez do work pretty fast. My son is on the commode chair BEFORE the insertion happens.

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    3 minutes with me the last couple days and that was after i had just expected quite a bit on my own . i though i was empty , i got more out the second time.
    if your vault is overfull and it is hard stool, unless you can get the enemeez to the side of the lining, you may get almost nothing out, but that means you have stool that is way to hard and your already too full in the vault.
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    the vault.

    love the terminology!
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