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    Grant question

    Does it ever occur that more grant money is awarded to a student than the actual cost of books and tuition?

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    If a student is commuting themselves or living on their own grants are supposed to help with that too.

    I love going to college, I'm almost getting paid just to attend through grants because my parents don't make much money
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    I'm funded by a research grant that includes a 100% tuition waiver (& I'm currently out-of-state, can't declare residency yet) + a pretty decent stipend... but I work for it. It's basically a 20hr/wk part-time job on top of a full graduate school course load.

    Funding source: DOE.

    So yes.

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    currently I have Dept of Rehab in the great bankrupt state of CA paying my tuition, books, parking pass, etc. I'm only responsible for covering room and board. I also got my old loans from financial aid discharged, altho that took mucho paperwork and many years but now i'll graduate debt-free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    Does it ever occur that more grant money is awarded to a student than the actual cost of books and tuition?
    Yes, for awhile I was getting paid to go to school basically. After the cost of tuition and books, I still had some left over to bank.

    It had nothing to do with my disability in fact, I didn't get anything for being disabled when I heard some get a lot of school support.

    I just got high grades and I was in the school of engineering and I guess if your in the top 5% of Penn State engineers you get a lot of grants as long as you keep your GPA up. Also my parents are pretty poor so when you make a low income you get help as well + grants == free ride!
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