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Thread: walking long distances burny back feeling legs heavy & want to collapse

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    walking long distances burny back feeling legs heavy & want to collapse

    Let me recap with my past:
    I was in a car accident The neuro saw a bulging disc at c2-c3. The accident caused numbness, pain, tingling, weakness and spasms, with the occasional inability to move my left hand. I am doing a lot better now and have full body sensation (although some of it is abnormal) and full body movement (though I am really weak). No spinal cord involvement was seen on the MRI but I have been told its very possible I have central cord syndrome, and I am very lucky!

    At any rate, I am done with PT. I am trying really hard to build myself back up because right now its so hard to take care of things at my house and work with the inability to lift most things. My arms are the weakest by a lot.

    I've been doign the treadmill and I am really motivated. I go at a pretty moderate pace, I think 3 mph. I've tried slower and I can't go faster, but I can only make it ten mins. My legs feel really heavy and kind of burny, but not a tingly burny, a deeper burning. I feel like they are going to collapse, which my neuro told me to look for right after the accident, but hasn't said anything since.

    Is this something I can work through? Or should I stop the treadmil until my next appointment in about 3 weeks?
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    YOushould exercise but only with what you feel really comfortable and SAFE with.Did they give you any type of home exercise program? Is there anyone there with you when you are on the treadmill? Remember don't over do it. Start slow and gradually build up. With central cord syndrome the hands are weaker than the legs.


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    Try Ibuprofen or Naproxen for the burning pain. If these don't help you may be having neuropathic pain and Gabapentin (and others) are commonly prescribed for this.


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    Thanks. I always forget to take something before I exercise. If I took it whenever something hurt, I'd have no stomach lining or liver or kidneys by now! I'll keep some with me so I can take it before treadmill time. IThe treadmill issue is really more of an issue of my legs wanting to give out than the pain. I do have home exercises but they are almost all upper body. I did have some lower body excercises from when I first got injured after I finished the passive therapy, but after a while my PT only asked me about the upper body exercises so I thought I was done with the lower body ones. The neuro suggested walking in the pool but that is when I was really, really weak and I thought I was able to move on to the treadmill.

    Part of the thing is I wonder if I am pushing myself too hard. I can walk normally, so I should be able to walk a mile normally, right? That's just not the way I can think anymore I guess. I really like my doctor but he is kind of vague so I'm never sure what I should be doing at the stage I am at in recovery. He leaves it pretty open ended. That can be good or bad.

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