Hi everyone for the last 3 day's i've just felt burnt out about everything in a nutshell .
Web Desighning got old and I am just sitting here right now unravelling my mind of thing's I didnt accomplisahe . Sometimes We push ourselves to the maximum extreme point .
Basically I am burnt out it is hard to describe but life is blahhhh and everything has plateued out at this point in my life . I feel good but mentally tired of trying to acheive goals I set on myself and physically wear myself out .
I suffer from OCD and it is one of them conditions that literally "Always " something is brewing in my mind a idea or something .
Tonight as I started to build a few websites etc ...My eyes are tired of looking at the monitor so I am typing this without looking at the computer and who know's . Aside from that Lately i've been under alot of medical stress and cramps in my abdomen But I dont complain finally it all caught up to me and Boy I am amazed at how complicated my life really is .
Today troubleshooting a 87 cbr 1000 f race bike I looked at this piece of shit and was in awe of how badly people abuse motorcycles . This thing has a speedo that goes over 185 mph but the whole bike was a a headache from any angle as I rolled around it- it was lost .
I started feeling so burnt out on it I left it wasnt worth my time to check it out . So went in the shop fridge and opened up a ice cold Gatorade boy that was sooo good and then //
I rolled back to my home and thought long and hard about this motorcycle and it had it's day's The owner needs to pick up this junk and throw it away . Why do people tear apart nice bikes ? liquid cooled inline 4 11 grander screamer and only 60 lbs compression on #4 cylinder I felt like that's enough on this eyesore . People want miracles out of a old beat race bike this one needs a complete overhaul so my Boyfriend will have his words with the owner of this once nice crotch rocket .
My mind is always going 100% but I just mentally hit a brick wall and feel tired of everything . I guess this is what some refer to as the blues or something of that nature .
I do not have a definition or name of this feeling but I am slowing down and definitely my perspective for now has changed I need a break .
Has anyone ever felt like this ?
I am seriously burnt out .lol