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Thread: T11/T12 Bladder Issues and ?'s

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    T11/T12 Bladder Issues and ?'s

    I am a T11/T12 complete a little over a year post injury. I am still trying to figure out this bladder stuff. Ever since I have gained conciousness I have had a strong sensation to pee 24/7. I cath myself every 4-5 hours and I am on the max amount of Ditropan but I still have bladder spasms and leaking. The urodynamics I have had done has shown my capacity is ok but the pressures just go up to high at just 100 cc's in my bladder. Due to the pressures I also am more likely to get UTI's

    I had botox to my bladder about 4 months ago and have had almost no change from it. I am told I have a tricky bladder and I think my injury level plays in that as well. The urologist thinks that ultimately I am going to have to have an augmentation but I am going to try the botox one more time since they say some people take to it better the second time. I am reluctant to do anything permanent like augmentation but at the same time fighting this is driving me crazy, I used to try to wear like normal boxers or underwear with a protective guard but with it being so inconsistent I have given up. I wanted to not be as nervous about it and not wake up at 5 am to cath every morning so I started wearing adult depends/pullups!!! That will do a lot for your self esteem when you are still in your 20's!

    Also with all this I have not really tried to figure out how broken my sexual "function" is these days, I think it is kind of hard when you feel like you have to pee 24/7 but I am almost 100% there is nothing going on down in that department. I had a gf at the time of my accident but that is pretty much no more which I will not say is solely there fault, I hate people seeing me like this period but I even do not like people being over all that much since who knows what my bladder is going to do. Also do not really want any girl just laying on the couch with me and feeling me wearing a diaper. My urologist gave me viagra to try but I can not see myself trying it until I get things more under control. All I want is to convince some girl to try things with me and have to apologize for spasms that occur as pee shoots out on her. SWEET "LIFE"

    Anyways I would appreciate any thought on this and also any what to expect with an augmentation, like how much could I hold? How long between cathing? Could I sleep 6-7hrs straight. It is crazy I set alarms all day to make myself know when to pee becasuse like I said before the feeling to go is 24/7. Will I be able to tell a difference if I have a augmentation or if the Botox works. How does the augmentation impact sexual function? Would I be concerened about pee shooting out when and if I did try having sex??? Thanks for all your help.

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    Rather than an augmentation, is a supra-pubic cath an option?
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    just cant make myself wear a bag of pee

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    We generally leave big surgeries like augmentations to the last resort, but since you have already maxed out on Ditropan (but you don't mention trying any of the other anticholenergic drugs???), and have tried Botox (I assume your urologist is experienced in using this in SCI??), an augmentation may be the best route for you. It is a big surgery. You may want to do a search here using that word to find other's experiences with the surgery. Even after you have this surgery though, you need to cath every 4-6 hours. During the first month after the surgery you will need to cath as often as every 2 hours.

    As far as your sexual functioning, you may want to post more on the Relationships and Sexuality forum. Do you have reflex erections? While many men are reluctant to try any sexual activity for fear of having bladder accidents, if you cath first, and use a regular condom, you are unlikely to leak. It can happen though, and will not harm your partner if it does, even during intercourse. You will probably feel more confident if you can get the bladder under control first though. An augmentation, properly done by an experienced surgeon, should not alter your sexual functioning.


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    just cant make myself wear a bag of pee
    Man, I hate to sound brutal but wearing a diaper is better than a bag of pee? I've been a T12-L1 para for 26 years wearing a leg bag the whole time. I have had my share of urological problems and still do but you have to do something you can trust so life won't pass you by. IMHO

    Get out in the world and be honest about your physical condition, the sex will come (no pun intended!)

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    I did have Botox once and we are going to give it another try since there has been people that take better to it the second time around and then I guess I wlll have to decide on something else if it does not work.

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    it's good to see that you've tried botox that early, hopefully it works this time.

    what about the many other drugs out there? detrol la or enablex for example.

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    Recently they added Sanctura to the Ditropan but that hasn't helped. It's funny how the Ditropan really gives me dry mouth but it's hard to make myself drink a lot of water when u feel the urge to pee 24/7 I used to drink about 100 oz of h20 a day. Now I probably drink 30-40 oz a day, which isn't good. My skin is super dry and itchy.

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    Trying to keep this alive and was curious about how much water an SCI should try to consume.

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    I'm not sure whats the amount we should drink I've read on this forum that some people drink gallons of water a day if I did that I'd pee all day. I drink probably about 40 oz a day and that works for me. If I limit what I drink before I sleep I can make it till I cath first thing in the morning. Hope you get it figured out ncsu red.

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