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Thread: Son back on vent...

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    Sending positive thoughts, most definitely.

    V = vancomycin?
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    I am sorry to hear this, Mom. You must be scared out of your mind. We are storming heaven that he gets better ASAP. Sending love and best wishes.
    Love, Mark
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    Best wishes for a very quick recovery!!

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    2yrs ago my sig-ot couldn't wake me. I had been discharged from the hospt for a broken femur. My respritory failure was from a pulminary embolism. at 1st they thought I aspirated vomit due to many yrs as a quad and they didn't check all possible causes.
    I hope the vanco works and pray he's extabated soon.

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    Judy im so sorry this has happened! Your son, you and your family are in my thoughts & prayers! Sending massive hugs your way!!!

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    You have my prayers and best hopes.

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    Judy stay strong, prayers and hugs ... Lisa

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    ......... damn damn damn ....... but this time Judy you have more in your arsenal because you have learned ... knowledge is power .... and well of course this time round ... you have us .... we've got your back.

    Anything you need to know .... well .. you know what to do {{{hug}}} ....

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    Keeping you and yours in thoughts and prayers. I hope he makes a quick turn around.
    Sending you a huge hug.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Thank you everyone, Today was my grandaughter's 8th birthday and she had a swimming party at the local I left for a bit, only 3 people in icu and 4 nurses so figured it would be safe to leave...

    Fever is back...102.9...tylenol works for a couple hours and then dang, it's back...they started feeding through a tube...they also started giving him baclofin...he hadn't had any since Thursday and even though he is in a deep sleep his arms are so tight, so hoping it will help...I so appreciate the love and prayers and support, and yes Obie...knowledge is power! I am not as lost this time around...I actually understand some of this stuff, lol...will keep you updated...thanks again! hugs, judy

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