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Thread: Son back on vent...

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    Unhappy Son back on vent...

    Sigh...Feeling much overwhelmed…it has been a long 2 days, Thursday evening Joel had the roughest night since his injury 4 years ago. We were up ‘till daybreak with powerful spasms…AD 3 times, all within the range of 240/140…cath clogged, I would irrigate…it would clog again…and again…we had done his bp that morning so I was pretty sure it was a cath problem…BP would get back to normal range for awhile then the AD headache and BP going up again…after a couple hours of it being in the normal range we decided to get some sleep…I woke up at 8:30 to give his morning baclofin because the spasms had been so bad…went back to sleep for a couple hours, I gave him 20oz water when I woke up…he drank…went back to sleep. I didn’t think twice about him going back to sleep because it had been such a difficult night. I was a bit concerned when he didn’t wake up to take his afternoon meds…I could not wake him…my younger son and daughter in law could not wake him…it was like he was in a coma…we called 911 knowing it would be at least a half hour (foggy, foggy)…I then called a friend who is a RN and only 3 minutes from us to come take his vitals because my cuff would not read at all…
    She could not get a blood pressure reading and hardly a pulse…within minutes she was doing CPR and continued for almost 20 minutes…I was so scared.
    His white cell count was 36000…he is vented…induced coma because he goes crazy and tries to pull it out…nasty uti…septic…as I write this they are thinking heart attack or stroke…waiting for more tests to come back. They are getting ready to do a picc line…he is on a powerful antibiotic that starts with a v…and they just brought in that stuff that killed Michael Jackson (starts with a “p” propanal (sp) to keep him sedated…
    Sunday morning- tests showed no heart attack or stroke, thank God…his fever is climbing again…his left lung is filled with fluid still although somewhat improved since the first xray on Friday night…they are going to try and get him off the vent today…he is so stiff without having had any baclofin…pain meds are being withdrawn to assist with vent removal and that is causing his blood pressure to rise, but within a safe range…he did open his eyes when I asked him to open them and that is a first since we’ve been here…it will be a long afternoon…the vent removal order was stopped after a half an hour…heart rate in the 140’s…blood pressure over the top…so doc said we’d try again tomorrow…sigh…
    Sunday afternoon…wifi here sucks…they changed drugs…and he got a terrible reaction of full body redness (no actual bumpy rash) just very, very red…sigh…so back to the “v” antibiotic…think I’ll take a nap while he is resting…just wanting those hugs and prayers you good people are so great about giving!

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    Im so sorry to hear this
    Prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted!

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    It's Vancomycin, the strongest drug for infection. I'm allergic to it but it is a good one, see results in 18-24 hrs. Hope all goes well, my prayers are with you.

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    I had issues w. the antibiotic, If it is what I had, the reaction has a name .... red man syndrome I believe. Br prepared for him to peel, like a sunburn, if it is the same thing I had.

    Sorry he is so sick, it must be terrifying. Hope he responds to the meds and is better soon.
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    Oh Judy....I am praying hard for him but also for your family.

    You are such a wonderful mom and friend.

    I am sending much love along with ((((((cyber hugs)))))).

    I hope he is well soon....I can't imagine how scared you must be.....

    Lots of love
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    Prayers for your son, mmm.

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    Oh no! Tell him we're pulling for him, and take care of yourself.

    Is it me or does 2010 suck?

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    2010 sucks.

    Madmadmother, give him a hug from me and tell him I hope he is better soon.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Very sorry to hear! You've already been through so much. BIG HUGS!!

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    Hope things get better soon for all of you.



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