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Thread: Dogs have owners, Cats have STAFF

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    Aww these pictures are so cute.
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    This is Omai (the tortie in front), her sister Ono (the rag doll), and their brother Kindle (the orange tabby), the second litter of kittens we adopted from Mama, the sweet feral cat we care for. The kittens are about ten weeks old here and had been inside, getting socialized on the small porch off our master suite, for about a month. Their Mama came up on a platform we built on the other side of that screen and stayed near them the whole time they were living on the porch.

    This is Mama, the sweetest little feral cat anywhere. We adopted her several years ago after seeing her and two of her kittens (both of whom are now indoors with us) in our yard. After more than a year of trying, during which time she had the three babies above, we finally managed to trap Mama and get her spayed. (Her cute stubby tail seems to be congenital, not the result of accident or injury.)

    There's four of our brood -- only seven others to go!
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    Some times

    Kids just need to be taught ...

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    ...not to head lock a feline

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    LMAO! That was so me when I was a kid on the farm!
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    I love these photos. What a nice break to look at these and smile!

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    HipCrip, I am overwhelmed by the cuteness of your kittehs....

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    nuit 'etoile


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    She looks JUST like my cat!
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