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Thread: Dogs have owners, Cats have STAFF

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    This is Pheobe. She is totally obsessed with me.
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    beautiful kittys. I would have a lot more if they would use the toilet instead of a litter box

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    I have alot more Jody, and the litter box IS the biggest problem for me. I throw out so much used litter that the trash man doesn't want to pick up my cans because they are TOO HEAVY !! In the better weather they spend most of their time outside, so gets better. Here is my oldest one. Cami, 10 yrs.I have a fondness for calico's.
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    strawberry is 14, and used up a few of her nine lives. she is in fact a christmas miracle. she crossed over like four other pets, but but the firemen brought her back to the the world. Nuit, the little black kitty was the boney runt of a kitten, but will eat anything and everythig including peas and carots. Jack, the forest cat came in a storm, starving and in need of a 500.00 surgery but he healed some of the loss from that christmas eve fire.

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    I want to shove my face into the fur of every cat in this thread.

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    It's official -- the cutest, sweetest cats out there live with CC members.

    -- I am in love with Sydney and Phoebe. You and I have talked about our mutual love of rag dolls before -- how could someone not be totally enamored with these fluffy babies? The pic of Phoebe is priceless -- it captures her adorable cross-eyed fascination with you perfectly.

    Here's my rag doll baby, Ono with her sister Omai (get it?) as grown-ups.

    Jody -- Strawberry is gorgeous, and I can tell from this pic and your other cat thread that she is just as she appears -- the ultimate momma kitty, the one who looks after all the others in the house. It would have been such a tragedy to lose her in that fire -- yay for fireman who care about kitties!

    This is the momma kitty in our brood, Punkin', curled up here on the kitty throne with our brown tabby girl, Misha.

    RebaJane -- Cami is stunning. That orange and black yin-yang symbol on her back is so distinct. We relate all too well with the trash guys not wanting to take the garbage from our house -- my hubby actually has to make runs to the public dumpsters with the poo we scoop so our trash can will be lighter. How many do you have living with you?
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    Here's cat #1. Unfortunately, he is named "Fella". He seems to know the name, and unimaginative me can't think of a better one. So that's his name, for now anyway.

    He's very regal, loves water, and has a great fluffy tail he's very proud of. We believe he is a Norweigan Forest Cat.

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    The other kitty ended up with his name sticking "The Little White Thing" - from the old lady I inherited him from. So I guess it is official. Although I call him "Dumpling", to my husband's disgust.

    Here he has found a perfect cuddle spot between me, a pillow, and a nice warm dog. He's a velcro kitty - wants to cuddle at all times. And talks like crazy. They're shut here, but he has beautiful blue eyes (and hears just fine, we have whole conversations).

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    try #2

    Thought I'd try again. This is Donnie (gray) and Champ (black and white). I've had them for about 2 years. They came from a hoarder house where the humane society rescued over 100 cats. Donnie has feline herpes and is blind as a result but it doesn't stop him from being one of the happiest cats on the planet. Champ served as his 'seeing eye cat' until he knew where everything was located. I love this thread.

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    While my daughters were home, one of them started lifting Sara up so that she could bat the pull chain from the ceiling fan. Now that they are back at school, she is still trying to get it, and will cruise around the living room, trying to find a high spot. Well yesterday, the desk chair was moved out into the room .....

    (Kelsie is the one in the chair thinking "Are you nuts!?!"
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