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Thread: Dogs have owners, Cats have STAFF

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    the wack a kitty was funny. the little things were looking a little stressed after a while, but not hurt. I have seen it on youtube, and they actually all escape.

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    My six month old tortoise shell (calico) has taken to bringing all of my youngest son's stuffed animals out of his room, piling them up in various parts of the house & then walking off & ignoring them! She's even brought out his 3 foot tall apes! Even hiding them in the closet hasn't helped - she figured out how to open the sliding ones & scratched a regular door (tore it up!) one night trying to get them. We TOTALLY have to watch our step around here in the mornings! It's funny watching her drag the big apes around (when it's dark & she doesn't think we're watching) What would make this nut case do that?

    Oh, Happy Easter (meeow)

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    This has to be the cutest thing ever ever ever - kitty's rule .... no question 'bout that !!

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    Not sure if this site has been posted on this thread but its a way of killing a few minutes, and a few of you might want to post a picture of your cat.

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