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Thread: how to print

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    how to print

    I know this is dumb but...
    How can I print just one answer that a person wrote on a subject instead of printing the whole topic? Did I say this right?
    I have done this before but I have a new printer. I highlighted the part I wanted to print that didn't work. It still started at the beginning.
    I know you cp genuisssssssssss has the answer

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    I don't know a way to print just one response unless you just copy it and paste to a WP document.


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    After you select what you want to print, go to print and where it says "print what", make sure you change it to selection. This is what I always do and it works for me.

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    Baily is right

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    I know this is dumb but

    I just quoted part of your topic - make what you want hightlight, copy, go to another place and paste
    opps then go to note pad - word pad etc and paste - I went dumb
    BTW hello everyone

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