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Thread: turning 19 on friday...

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    i turn 48 on friday . man i dont feel 48 , happy birthday lord be with you

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    i just found out today im getting a new q-7 wheelchair from quickie

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    I suggest dinner and a movie at a shopping center or retail arcade with family and/or friends.

    If you want to get adventurous, maybe you can try an outing at the Santa Monica Pier or a harbor cruise, maybe even a cruise to Catalina Island.

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    I'm not even sure I remember turning 19 at this point, so celebrate still having your youth and go do something that sounds like fun, whatever that is. For me it would always involve a meal out and some sort of entertainment, with maybe some nature thrown in if you live in a place you could do that without freezing. Have a happy birthday!

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    hm..19! not old enough to drink, but depending on your parents you could have a little birthday bash at your place.

    I usually would have people up at my house and have a bond fire up in the yard and drink some bru
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    well on my 19th bday my friends had me a keg party helluva time till the cops busted it but atleast nobody got in if your parents didnt care i would go with mr coffee's advice

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    if i was nineteen and i was once. i'd be with friends and or fam getting dumb-zooted and enjoy. you are only 19 once.

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    Was in the US ARMY, Advanced Infantry training on my 19th, 1968.
    go party with the girls, staying home playing cards on your birthday is for when you get much older

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    Night out with the girls.

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    Thanks for the ideas!! I'm lovin' your idea mr_coffee.
    So far I know I'm going to venice beach EARLY tomorrow morning to lay in the sand, listen to the ocean and roam around for a little. I've been wanting to go to the beach forever now, and of course in cali, we still have good beach days in winter. Later I'm thinking a sushi dinner, and possibly a hookah bar? Maybe some city light gazing too. But a bonfire is a good idea, I'll see if I can work that out.
    Disneyland would be way cool too haha! I definitely haven't been there in a while and want to experience it in a wheelchair.

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