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    As I was listening to the local news tonight... which seemed to be pimping a new company, that will do any test you need or want without a doc's order...saying it would save money and time...what caught my attention though was the newscasters ending statement...In Oklahoma there is only ONE lab that will accept medicaid/ that scares the hell out of me...I do plan on researching to see for myself it is true...I always thought the lab at the local hospital took care of tests...a couple months back we were waiting for results and of course it was the weekend so the doc said we'll get back to you on Monday...I called the lab on Saturday to see if results were back because my son was getting worse...and was told the test was lost to the outside lab they'd already started one drug, while waiting for the results of the test...the drug wasn't working so we just went with the bactrim which had worked before...guess it was the right one because he felt much better after a couple doses...labs are as important as doctors and not accepting medicare will be more than just difficult...Hate to see this moved to the political forum but guess thats where it will end up...

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    I don't know if it is worse in OK than other places, but it is not unusual for smaller hospitals to send lab work out to clinical services regardless of who is paying the bill. In some ways this is actually a good thing, as clinical labs outside hospitals have far more quality control checks and a better degree of accuracy.

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    Ellen I understand about them having to send them out...but what scares me is the fact that this news station said there was only one lab in the entire state that will accept medicare...

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    I know that sounds scary, but if the specimens are delivered and processed quickly it doesn't necessarily mean anything negative for the patient. Sorry if it sounds like I am disregarding your fears. I really am not, and was only trying to offer some comfort around the issue.

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