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Thread: How much will the full body scanners see?

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    I'd tap that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    I remember, Sony I think, had to pull a bunch of their video cameras off the shelf years ago because the IR night vision saw through clothes.
    Memory serves correct. Camera technology has much improved in the past four years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazlo View Post
    I strongly suspect this image is fake. Her hair would not look like that, highlights and all, on the scan. And why would her nipples appear darker than the rest of her skin? That would only happen with visible light and multiple wavelengths, not a single wavelength of reflected x-rays.
    Lazlo, The picture of the woman is simply a photoshopped picture where the signal intensities were manipulated. If the original x-ray like picture is a real picture, the second picture that looks more like a photo is simply a one where the intensity was adjusted.

    You do raise some interesting questions. For example, why should the areola absorb more x-ray than other skin? I don't know but the areola clearly absorbs more light than the rest of the skin and why not x-rays. The areola is also different underneath from the rest of tissues and I wonder if more x-ray goes through the areola than is reflected.

    I think that I can reasonably justify why hair would have highlights on x-ray reflection. After all, light has such high lights... why not x-rays? I don't have much experience with reflected x-rays but have looked at lots of infrared and ultraviolet pictures. Reflected light, even of a single frequency, often will show highlights.


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    LOL! After a few weeks of inpatient I started referring to my 'privates' as my 'publics'!

    Seriously, I think we've got better things to do with our time then waste it wallowing in shame or embarrassment over our body images. We're all human, we all look the same with very minor differences. If you're an adult, get over it.

    Safety first.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkB701 View Post
    Is it just me, or anyone else feel slightly de-sensitized to a naked body after:
    • 3 months of SCI rehab
    • numerous full bed baths
    • perhaps 15 people with their fingers up my butt
    • urology exams with electrodes on my testicles and in my butt
    • being cleaned up after another involuntary while in bed
    • having been given a bowel program in IC's from both my wife and my mother
    I am being silly of course.....but being seen naked in a grainy black and white picture no longer sends shivers of fear and embarassment down my

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Ditto, Dale and Jody, what's mine is yours and whats yours is yours!

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    Anyone been in trouble for a leg bag or the like? Many years ago I got stopped at an airport where the people doing the pat down didnt really speak english. They felt my full bag and shouted 'bomba' then people with guns came around me and bustled me into a spare room. OF course they let me go when they saw what it was, but talk about embarrassing!

    Another time a lady wante to put her hand in my undies because she saw/felt my pad.
    "The impossible is just that which hasn't been done yet.Impossible is nothing"

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    Turns out the pic was a fake after all:

    Here's a link to the original un-photoshopped source pic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazlo View Post
    Turns out the pic was a fake after all:

    Here's a link to the original un-photoshopped source pic:
    Lazlo, thanks very much. It is very helpful to know that those pictures are actual pictures of a nude model.

    It would be useful if somebody were to assess real scans. The pictures that I found on internet for scans were quite revealing as well but, as you pointed out, the areola are not dark on x-ray images. I know that they are not dark on transmitted x-ray images but I did not know whether this was true for reflected x-rays.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Right there with you Mark. I am not sure why, but if I had to choose between safety and someone oogling my midddle aged body, let them oogle. I just want to arrive at my destination in one piece.
    But why do we think that full body scanning improves safety?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    It would be useful if somebody were to assess real scans.
    I find it comforting that they can't.

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