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Thread: Death by heart

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    Death by heart

    The attached picture is one of many that you can create on the following website

    It provides a map of the United States with the counties that have the lowest, medium, and highest death rates caused by particular diseases. In the picture, I had selected "heart". The black areas are where death rate from heart is the highest. The black areas in Nevada and the South are quite striking. Is it the food?

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    Interesting. Actually, the south doesn't fare too well on most diseases.

    Diet? Weather? Genetics? Lifestyle?

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    Hard to say it is any one cause. There are likely multiple factors involved. Looking at my State, I noticed frighteningly high rates of lung, cancer, stroke, and similar conditions. I wonder if it's because we've been downwind from paper mills, shoe factories, and tanneries for so long? Anyone, interesting post.
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    I should think that the deaths in the western areas of nevada and california might have something to do with distances to availalble hospitals. Some places all you can find are urgent care clinics and very small hospitals that are very far apart. Maybe not equipped as well as a larger urban hospital?

    The deaths in the south have probably more to do with genetics and diet. Hush puppies and barbecue pulled pork will kill you. (but I eat 'em anyway)
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    I would say yes, the food. I notice a lot more really huge people. very very large and unhealthy looking pasty skinned folks. I think a sedentary life in general. I have been wondering what folks eat here. I have been tempted to peek into their shopping carts to see what the diet is around here. one thing is that no one walks. everyone drives. things are too far apart. In California one can get by without a car, and get anywhere on public transportation. in pa, few sidewalks except in neighborhoods or in the middle of town, but lots still get by without a vehicle. they have septa bus and train, though it is expensive, one still must do some walking. in south carolina, no sidewalks. no public transportation, huge distance between populated places.

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    Diet, lack of exercise and that which results from it.
    Genes can change the way they act with a lifestyle change. So throw that old excuse out the window. "Genetic nihilism for dummies", my soon to be new book, lol. Time for folks to accept responsibility for their lack of self control. You don't like being sickly, change your lifestyle, the ball is in your court, always has been.

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