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Thread: Cold, cold feet

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    Cold, cold feet

    My feet are always cold. I have poor circulation, this I know. I'm thinking about the use of electric socks. The kind used in camping and, cold weather. My question is, would this sort of thing be useful to me if I put them on at night while in bed? Has anyone ever tried them to do this with satisfactory results?
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    My feet are like blocks of ice all winter long. What I sometimes use are those smallish cushions that are filled with walnut shells or rice that you can put in the microwave. That way I can make sure the temp is not too hot, then shove it under the covers and down by my feet, or directly under my feet, to help warm them up. Outside I have used those chemical hand warmers, except putting them into my shoes as long as I have nice thick socks to protect my skin.

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