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Thread: 'Avatar' Gets Mixed Praise From Paraplegics

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    I wonder what it would be like to be transferred to the body of this creature

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    I want my body back. It´s mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boda View Post
    I think what was most disturbing was the fact that they were in the year 2154 and they still had not figured out an effective treatment for the masses.
    lol...too good...nevamind..we are gonna have treatment soon...avatar still not watched.. planning in this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwetarose View Post
    lol...too good...nevamind..we are gonna have treatment soon...avatar still not watched.. planning in this week.
    The part that I liked was when he first got into the alien body and was standing there with his toes in the soil, he was curling them and feeling the direct between them. The part where he flies the banshees was also great.


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    Curling the toes into the soil got me ... that's all I've wanted except I want it to be beach sand. Got a healed up foot now ... just waiting for the miraculous sensory return treatment ... just asking for a miracle, lol.
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    Watching Paul watch that part of the moive was intense. I was so overwhelmed with emotion.

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    I just re-read the article and cannot find where Avatar gets a mixed review. it seems that most people who saw it, including people with spinal cord injury, all seemed to feel that it portrayed spinal cord injury with sensitivity and accuracy. It was previous movies that did not. For example, I agree with Phil Klebine in the article that "Million Dollar Baby" was done with particular insensitivity to people with spinal cord injury and much inaccuracy concerning what spinal cord injury is all about.

    In contrast, Avatar presented Sully as a real person who is not feeling unduly sorry for himself but clearly missing the part of him that the injury disabled. Even the part where he thought he thought his supervisor was being critical of him because he was spinal-injured was fairly authentic, in my opinion. But, the place where the movie really shone was its depiction of his expressions and feelings when he tranferred into the alien body. The toes curling in the dirt, the whoops when he ran, and eagerness to use his new body was very convincing. His joy when he was in his alter-body and his reluctance to leave his alter-body for his spinal-injured self was clear from his expression.

    I must admit that the actor did extremely well to give an authentic portrayal of a lumbar level injury. His legs were quite atrophic. Of course, as people pointed out, he didn't have a cushion and his wheelchair design is circa 1999. The way he grabbed his pants to left his legs when transferring was quite real looking. Later, when he was crawling around, it looked quite authentic. In fact, I was wondering how they did that. They must have retouched the images digitally. I was impressed that they went to that much trouble to maintain his atrophy.


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    haha. "the brain that wouldn't die"... I have that dvd MST3K'd... Funny shit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français View Post
    It was fiction. I have great news for you: You won't be alive in 2154 and neither will I.
    i bet mp will....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DA View Post
    i bet mp will....
    Who the hell is MP?

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