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Thread: Anyone had their Thyroid removed?

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    Anyone had their Thyroid removed?

    My thyroid is functioning properly, but I have a very large multinodular Goiter that keeps growing, on both sides of my neck, which is squeezing my airway. There are too many nodules to do a biopsy, I'm having it out on Monday - they will do a biopsy when its out. Then I'll have to take thyroxin to replace the hormone function.
    Has anyone else had this done? How long were you in hospital, how long did it take you to recover and did it affect any SCI issues? - either the surgery or the thyroxin. Were you self managing for personal care straight away - like turning, bowel care etc? I'm having it done in the private hospital located on the same campus as the Spinal Unit- the Spinal Unit has a six month wait, but my Spinal Medicine specialist will be able to see me there which hopefully should help.

    Thanks for any input.

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    betheny has. I think she has some posts about it somewhere too.

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    For what it is worth, I have known two people who have had their thyroids removed, and both were fine within a day or two, but have to take medication afterwards. Neither is SCI, but I don't think it would make a lot of difference, maybe just a bit longer coming back to baseline.

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    It is, in terms of surgery, generally a fairly easy procedure. Usually in and out within 24-36 hours. So that should be helpful from a sci perspective. I can not think of anything that the thyroid does that thyroxin doesn't do- know that it can take a little while to get the right dose, but after that, simple blood tests done to monitor your levels will keep you in the right direction.


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    I haven't removed it, I have taken the radioacitive iodium instead.
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    I don't believe Betheny had hers removed ... but she has Graves Disease and suffers a lot of complications from it.

    Getting the right amount of thyroid medication can be troublesome, but not impossible. I have hypothyroidism, diagnosed at age 23 (now 37).
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    Betheny's experience probably wouldn't help the OP as Graves causes hyperthyroidism -- just the opposite of what Thomas will face when he has his removed.

    I'm hypothyroid, too, like Lynnifer. Take a low dose of thyroid hormone every morning before eating. Have never noticed it to cause any problems, but I do notice when the dose is too low -- get dry skin and hair, constipation issues, lethargy -- but nothing that directly relates to the SCI/D.

    Good luck with your surgery, Thomas. Please let us know how things go for you.
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