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    Editing posts


    I was wondering why it doesn't always indicate that we have made an alteration to a post?

    I might change one post at 10.00am and a message appears to indicate that. But then I edit another post and no message appears.



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    All I know is that if you edit a post after a certain time period, or after somene replies to it, it will show that it has been edited.

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    That's my understanding of it too, Jim. As long as you edit the post in the same session, it won't show the "[Edited on...]" message.

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    I just edited a post straight after posting it - no hesitation but I got the message.

    I'm sure sometimes the message doesn't appear.

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    If you make a change to your post you will get the edit message if another user has already read your post. If no user has viewed your post there will be no edit message added after making the change.


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    Actually it has nothing to do with whether or not someone has read your post or not. It is time determined. As I remember (Jeff would know the specifics) if you edit prior to 10 min., it does not show editing...if longer, it does.


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