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Thread: Driving around in Los angeles(Youtube)

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    Loved it! You definitely need a spot on one of the talk shows (think Leno or O'Brien or Letterman). You are both gorgeous!

    The video on that phone is immaculate and amazing!

    Daybreakers got horrid reviews but I love me some Dafoe and Hawke and vampire story ... was the movie any good? lol
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    Daybreakers was good in my opinion. It was a nice change from the vampire stuff that has come out the last few years. Few well placed scares. Good action Defoe and Hawke were good. Good story. 4/5 stars

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    Nice. City walk, that's like 5 min from my crib. It's accessible (was there for avatar), but $10 for parking kills me every time. If you're AB, you can just park at the bottom and take the universal train up.

    Staples is also accessible. good seats.

    Was thinking about doing a youtube channel as well, but about traveling abroad as an SCI. Probably my next international flight ill do everything from the preparation, to boarding, landing, and hotel/tourist stay.

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    What's good Imight well I would watch if you started up a channel on youtube about traveling with sci. I have never been on a plane or out of the state after my injury so I would not mind seeing what it takes to travel with the chair. The $10 for the parking is cool if you are going to the movies cuz you can use it to pay for the movie. Stay up and let us know if you do start up a channel.

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