Smoking and the use of other tobacco products (snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) is one of the most unhealthy habits possible for a person with SCI. Smokers with SCI have a higher rate of pressure ulcers, ED, osteoporosis, heart disease, and lung and breathing problems.

Veterans continue to use tobacco products at a higher rate than the general population in the USA, and it has been estimated that as many as 30% of SCI Veterans do so.

The PVA has funded the development of a new video on smoking cessation that details the adverse effects that smoking can have on your health if you have a spinal cord injury. You can view the video here: .

A DVD copy of this video can also be purchased for $5 through the same link.

Your provider and local health care facilities/organizations have many resources available to you to assist you in stopping smoking and tobacco use. It is not easy, but classes, support groups, medications, and counseling can be very helpful. Quitting can cause immediate results in improved health and quality of life for you.