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Thread: First earth quake!

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    It wasn't bad here at all, but some guy predicted we are going to have a bad one coming soon. THE MOTHER OF ALL QUAKES. But he also maybe just crazy.
    Cory, having lived all my life in CA, there are people like that every week. Yes, someday we will have another BIG ONE, but currently it is impossible to predict this scientifically with any accuracy. Many scientists say that the more frequently we have small ones, the less likely it is that we will have a big one, as the small ones reduces stresses across the fault lines.

    We had one here in San Diego (actually in Baja) on 12/30/09 that we felt pretty well at work (with two good aftershocks) that was only a 3.4. People barely batted an eye as our building swayed.


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    Saw the news about the local quakes -- didn't feel either of them. The 5.4 we had in October 2007 was kind of fun though I'd been out of rehab for a few weeks and was still in a halo. Sitting at my computer desk and suddenly things started to shake ..

    Yesterday's 6.5 off the coast of Eureka sounds like it was more damaging -

    Scientists have said for years that another huge quake is due to occur in California - here's an article from 2008

    A strong and deadly earthquake is virtually certain to strike on one of California's major seismic faults within the next 30 years, scientists said Monday in the first official forecast of statewide earthquake probabilities.

    They calculated the probability at more than 99 percent that one or more of the major faults in the state will rupture and trigger a quake with a magnitude of at least 6.7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    ...... instead of this ........

    Glad your okay ..... but just so you know as I mentioned in another thread.... remember .. it's a dry cold besides I'm sure you'd find a way to stay warm
    hah thaks joyce! those images gave me a goood laugh!
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    I lived in San Francisco when I was 3-4, 1957-58, and I remember sitting on the toilet and an earthquake came that knocked over the hot water heater, that was in the bathroom with me, and it shifted the door frame so the door was stuck closed. Hearing my cries of terror my father rescued me by forcing the door open. I remember telling him that it wasn't my fault that the hot water heater was knocked over. (guilty conscious?) We lived in a rickety old wood frame 3 story apt. building on Turk St. Ahh those harrowing childhood memories.

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