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Thread: Feeler: 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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    The photo doesn't show seat height well, but from where i park my chair, the seat is around 18-19" high. It's a little lower than my chair, but not too much. The Jeep's tub is higher in the rear than it is up front & attempting to lower it would've required a lot of changes underneath.

    Inside head clearance, not sure. My head touches the top if I sit up straight, but I'm really only in my chair for a brief time before transferring. I do duck a little to get in, but it's no big deal.

    The cage was custom fabricated.

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    Amazing rig and before you sell it could we feature it on the Disabled Explorers website along with some stories from you about your adventures in it?
    It would be an incredible inspiration to others...just looking at your rig makes me want to go play in the dirt
    Backcountry recreation for the disabled in the Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions

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    would be just right for nyc.

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    Jealous here, it would be just right for my elk hunting trips, go to where they are.

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    I can't believe I haven't seen this before Scott, too cool!
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    PM'd you.


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    replied via email...

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    I love this jeep!

    This would be absolutely perfect; I want a "real" jeep (albiet with automatic transmission!) and my mother in law who is in a wheelchair needs to be transported in my vehicle. This would be perfect for both our needs!

    Is it still something that you would consider selling! I am GREATLY interested in it. Please let me know.

    All the best.


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