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Thread: Raven- I love you.

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    Raven- I love you.

    I cannot stop crying this morning. I worried ever since I saw Nick's first post knowing the things that I do. Sometimes I am angry at myself because I got so busy and lost a little touch around CC and with Raven. In the beginning I was this lost person trying to find a place to make a difference and quite frankly, nothing I am doing today would have happened were it not for the way that Raven cared for me way back when. There is no doubt that lots of people here helped in great ways, to give me somewhere to go and something to focus my mind on when my life was so very alone and dark. Raven was set apart though. Raven was true.

    I can remember studying so much to pass my nursing boards back in 2002, and Raven was there every day on Yahoo encouraging me and telling me " Mariquita you are so bright and lovely you will do fine. You will be a wonderful nurse". She actually got me to believe her. I like to think I acted accordingly, and now after becoming a spine nurse caring directly for patients with chronic SCI and spine problems, having my own spinal injury, recovery and rehab, to opening a new multidisciplinary spine center in an area where good care for people with SCI is sorely lacking, I need to somehow publically thank Raven for the huge part she played in the restoration of me.

    Like many people, I experienced a massive change of life and lifestyle over a split second. First, when my old life ended and my new one began, and second when I hit the floor with a patient relying on me to keep him safe. I remember when I was injured in 2004 that Raven talked to me even more. "Mariquita" she would say " you need to be patient and listen to your doctor and recover" . I never wanted to be bothered with the details that I was so used to teaching other patients. I wanted to be better that day. Raven may as well have been holding my hand. Now and then she would message me and ask me medical questions. Sometimes I think she knew how to find these answers but gave me a chance to remain alive in my mind while I was down and out of the game that I loved so much. Raven was always someone there for me. I like to think I was there for her too.

    Later Raven blessed my life for all its busy times. I always apologized that I was so tired at the end of my days and falling asleep. I was always forever running to a class after work or chasing a kid somewhere. Raven supported my psyche through my kids puberty and teen times. I learned from her how to love my children even more, if I could have imagined that.

    Nick has grown so much over the past years. I see him as a phenomenal young man, a man with great capacity to love, and wish that he would deeply love himself as well. Isis is a dreamboat girl, and over the years has entertained me on webcam broadcasts and what fun it has been to watch her grow. Raven sent me several pictures along the way and I treasured them.

    Raven told me her life story over the years, and I grew from her experience and knowledge. Raven was a kind hearted, loving, devoted lady. I hope I can measure up to what she thought of me when she created my avatar for Care Cure and told me "Mariquita this is a picture of you from the inside out. All you have to do is let her go and she will do amazing things. "

    I will Raven...I promise you. Now like you told me so many times in the late nights when there was always more for me to do than I could really get done....its night Ravencita....go mimi....go to sleep.

    I will never change my avatar from this image. Raven, I love you.


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    Mariquita, your tribute to Raven is so very touching. I am new to CC so did not have the chance to meet her online...but I feel her through you, from her website, from most beautiful words I have read from Raven... May you also find comfort in knowing our dove will still be here... if not in spirit...

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    Well said.
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    A beatiful post, and a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing it.

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    Im sure she heard you. Im sure she sends her love too. how wonderful to be loved and missed by so many.

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    This is a wonderful post. It shares details of what most of us only knew superficially online of raven. We came to love her even so, and for you Mariquita, we wish peace and comfort during your time of such deep loss and sorrow. Many thanks for sharing this piece of yourself with us.

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    Very nice post Mary. I have been feeling very sad the past few days and think a lot about Raven everyday with all that has transpired the past week.
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    Beautiful. our lives will never be the same without raven.

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    Touching and well said.

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