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Thread: Wound On Elbow

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    Wound On Elbow

    I have a wound on my elbow that I have had for about three months and it seems to heal and then it seems to get worse and then it heals up again and looks better, but it won't completely ill . I'm wondering if anyone else has had this same issue with their elbows. Also, I am a C4/C-5 QUADRIPLEGIC.

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    Hi Zdrz, sorry about your wound. Is it getting infected? Are you keeping pressure off of it while on your chair, at night? Have you had a wound care specialist look at it, offer advice? It does not take long for a wound to develop into something which will be a problem for a long time, down to the bone, and can get serious infections.

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    Your elbow doesn't have a lot of protective skin on it, so it takes longer for it to heal and stay healed. The key to it is the correct treatment and keeping the pressure off of it as much as possible. I would recommend that you have a wound care specialist look at it and follow up with you. This could turn into a serious problem if you let it go.


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