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    Baltimore Inner Harbor

    Hi, I am looking at taking a day/night trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor this summer. My hope is to catch a game at Camden Yards, and then spend the remaining day/evening around the harbor, likely staying overnight along the waterfront. I live just outside of Philadelphia, so I was thinking whether it might be feasible to take the train down. From what I understand, the MARC will take you from the station, right to Camden Yards. Is this true, and is it accessible? Also, is Camden Yards to the Inner Harbor doable by powerchair? Finally, is that a way to get back from the Inner Harbor, to the train station?

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    My boyfriend (he's in a manual wheelchair) and I went to a game at Camden Yards this past summer. We stayed at one of the hotels right next door, so it was a quick and convenient roll to the game. The ballpark has special seating for handicapped, with up to 3 additional visitors. There were 2 drawbacks to the seating area: (1) the walkway is right behind you, so many of the passersby got hooked on the handles of my boyfriend's chair and (2) at the exciting parts of the game, everyone stands up, blocking the view of those who are seated.

    It's a longish roll down to the Inner Harbor, but very nice once you get there. Pushing the chair in the summertime was a good workout (for me!).

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    The new Hilton Inner Harbor is incredibly accessible. I stayed there for a conference and Jason in accounts helped assure I got the best suited room. Even their lap pool has a lift.

    MARC does not run on weekends and has limited hours. From BWI AMTRAC you can take a shuttle to the light rail, BWI airport. This stops right at Camden Yard/Hilton.

    Baltimore also has 3 cab companies that run accessible taxi's. Schedualing in advance is a good idea. It is all very doable and would allow you access to other parts of Baltimore such as Little Italy which has a few accessible restaurants.

    PM me if you have more questions.
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