A documentary, music video movie to respect Leroy Moore and his work

Back when Hip Hop first started, radio, television and locals refused to play it. But soon after many determined aspiring artist started doing underground shows, radio and started selling hundreds of thousands of records themselves, the industry took notice. Leroy Moore finds himself in the same situation 3 decades later. Now the same thing is happening to disable artist. Leroy leads a world challenged artist into a Krip Hop Nation.

Hello aspiring disable artist, I am looking to collaborate with anyone from, photography, poetry, modeling, drawing and whatever you're not letting disability stop. To make a 1 long video showing off your talents, organizations, products you're selling, whatever. I need you to send me any videos, songs, pictures of your work , that I can include in the production. I'm doing this because after hearing similar stories how it's difficult for us to break into the industry, I wanted to make a video about what we can do despite our disabilities. So gather up your videos and send me some videos, images or songs. Email me for details of sending if you need help. March 1 is the deadline for receiving your work so please tell your other comrades to be part of this projects.

I'm creating this video collaboration ,to thank Leroy for all he's doing with Krip Hop.