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Thread: Light a candle for Raven.

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    Here is the address again. Let's be sure to keep it on each page so newcomers can see it. There are many unlit candles in the CCC space. Light one for someone you know from Care cure that you know could use one. There are a lot of folks that could also benefit from this. light one at your home for someone you know also. It is nice to have one candle burning anyway.
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    i've been using ccc too....looked like cc was some other group. it would be nice to be in one place. but, most important is the fact candles are lit, i think, whether at home or on that site or in your church, wherever.

    ty, skippy, for posting the site again.

    here is the ccc link:

    just click on an unlit candle and follow instructions.

    raven, we all miss you so much.

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    Raven's funeral is today

    In case folks miss it in the Members Only, her obituary is posted and her funeral is today.

    I will be lighting candles for Raven, Nick and Isis.

    enter ccc for the group:

    just click on an unlit candle and follow instructions.
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    Thank you for the reminder, Cheesecake...

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    Thanks CC. I lit a candle. God bless her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerryblt06 View Post
    Candle lit for you Raven. You have a place in my heart,

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    It is an amazing tribute that one small person with such a HUGE GIGANTIC heart could touch so many people around her.

    I love you Raven!
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