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Thread: How do we move forward?

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    Sarah Elizabeth / Sarahs Mom The way I look at life is when the door behind me shuts close Another Better opputrunity arises " life "

    I am glad you found Care Cure This site is a blessing

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    It is amazing how all of you know exactly how I feel as Sarah's mother. Macska, you are more than correct, this past year has been very difficult - a true nightmare to say the least. I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and everything is going to be better - just like everyone has done. So far, as you all already luck! So, what I am trying to do today, is take that same thought process and realize that it is a better day. I love my children with all of my heart and as a parent knowing that there is nothing that I can do medically to help her is the hardest pain to handle. Personally, I know that I have helped Sarah. She would tell you that without me, she would have struggled much more than she already has. As a mom, I will make every sacrafice that I need to make to ensure that my daughter gets every opportunity available for her to achieve every goal that she sets for herself. For those of you that will take that the wrong way, I mean it in the most positive manner. I will not make things happen for her - I will help guide her and let her make her own choices (and mistakes). She is very bullheaded, trust me.

    Have a great Tuesday!!

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    Hi Sarah's mom... Some great discussion here! Thanks. I was online with Sarah, and she is her own person... She is very lucky to have your support. I am sure you wish you could have stopped it, could have protected her, wish you could do something to just make the SCI go away... wish it away. Those of us with SCI also can sleep at night and dream we are free of any disability... free to fly...For those of us who cannot fly, we can wheel... we can also find our own niche in the world, using what gifts we have and most importantly, getting out of the house and trying. Recovery is not just physical, it is also emotional, mental, and I believe, spiritual. We are such unique beings.. all of us. The fact we have technology like this, where at 7:00 or 7:24am, we can talk with each other, people we have never met, and share our stories, is simply amazing... and the fact you have joined us to get us also to talk about our injuries, talk about what it is like to be a mom is great. There is also a Caregivers forum for future posts. Sarah may wish to join in and create her own thread with related concerns she has...questions. The people here are simply fantastic.. and it is great you are now part of our group. It is good to be bullheaded a bit... and just focusing on using it to move on... Have a great Tuesday as well...

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