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    Does any know what is a good printer fax machine & scaner combo to get is.
    I got a canon BJC-2100. I put an after market cartage in it printed 2 pics and printer has quite working. Anybody know how I can fix it?

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    I will have to find the two articles, but ALL the after market cartriges are sub-par with the exception of the high end graphics cartriges. The majority also void waranties, and it is likely a flaw in your after market cartrige caused a 'short' which can occur in the gold contacts. These articles also state that when a cartrige is reused on average of more than three times, mishaps such as this can occur. Since you do not know how many times that cartrige was used before you, this could be the case.

    I personally like this one:

    It has a two sided adapter, saves me paper, and is great for light duty.

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    How can I fix the printer that I all ready have? The Canon BGC-2100.

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    Contact Canon directly. They're an easy company to deal with (I own a lot of their photography products).

    here's a support page for your specific printer: click here.

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    About the printer and combo, I was also thinking about HP along with Booster who replied below. This week at Office Depot if you prefer to shop at a brick & mortar store, they are selling the HP Photosmart Flatbed All-in-One printer-fax machine for $348.18, after mail-in rebate, plus a free $50 Office Depot gift card.

    HP also has a printer/copier/scanner Flatbed for $148.54 before mail-in rebate, plus $25 gift card.


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