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Thread: Looking for an RT300-SL FES Bike

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    Looking for an RT300-SL FES Bike

    I'm looking for the above bike for my nephew. Anyone have one for sale?

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    They are hard to come by used. Lots of people trying to sell the older style ones, but there is not much support offered in the way of service and if they have problems it can be hard to find somebody to fix them.
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    I don't know if you are still interested but I have a RT300 Ergometer (SA100047) that I received in 2007 that I don't use anymore. So we are looking to sell it. Are you still looking for one? Please contact me through email at

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    hi;what is your asking price?you can email

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    I have a RT 300 for sale also. It is practically new. Only used 4 times. Tools still in the unopened bag.

    Won't find one in better shape or with less use than this one.


    Here is the thread.


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    what type of price are you wanting.

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    looking for one too!
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    In need of a RT300 bike

    If anyone has one to sell, we are located in the SOuth Jersey area and will come get it. We have been rejected by the insurance company but are in desperate need. Thank you.

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    I have one that I'm selling. PM me or email me at if you're still interested.
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    Hi - I was wondering if the bike was for arms and legs?

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