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Thread: Internet images with iMac

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    Internet images with iMac

    How do I find image properties from an image on one website to use in an HTML message in another site using my Apple X OS (iMac)? I know how to find it using Windows OS, but cannot figure it out using my iMac. When I click and hold on as image I see the option to copy the image, but nothing that shows the properties.


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    Assuming you're using Safari, the 1st option w/ a right-click, ctrl-click, or click-and-hold will open the image in a new window, revealing its URL in the address bar.

    What properties are you looking for in particular? The only other thing I know to do from a browser is to look at the source of a page to get the dimensions, which aren't always specified.

    (thanks Paul)

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    I have not been using Safari...mostly IE. I have the regular iMac one-button mouse. I am looking for the properties to copy so I can can paste as an HTML image to a different website (such as this forum).

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    I checked again with Safari...still can't see the properties. Both IE and Safari just list the ability to copy, save to the computer, etc. but not the properties needed to use in HTML.


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    The easiest way is to select "open image in new window." It will open a new browser window with just the image showing. Then all you have to do is copy & paste the URL shown in the address bar.


    p.s. go buy a $15 Microsoft 2-button optical mouse. It's a lot more functional than the single-button Apple mouse... & it has a scroll wheel.

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    Scott, thanks. That worked. Don't want or need a Microsoft type mouse. The one at work is responsible for my mild CTS. I like and prefer my iMac 1 button!


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