Hi all,
I was just recently made aware of this forum and its brilliant! So much information that just isnt made aware to us in hospitals or rehab is aus.

I had my accident diving into a pool in bali on the 19th of september 09. I spent 2 weeks in hospital and had emergency surgery to stabelise the fracture of what we were told was my c6 & 7 vertibrae. I also got every infection possible and collapsed lungs, hell we even got stuck in an earth quake while i was in the trauma centre while everyone including the docs ran out leaving me and my mum fearing for our lives.

After a horrific ordeal i was air flighted home to melbourne and had to have 2 more surgerys as the one from bali failed. I was also diagnosed as c5 incomplete asia c in aus.

I had my last sx on the 8th of oct and have been in rehab since the 28th of october. Im currently moving one leg pretty close to normal, the other has just started moving a fraction, i have use of 1 hand as im typing but can move both arms and hands. Seems like one side is definetly slower then the other which ive read is quite normal. Ive been up in the standing frame and am using a FES bike up to 3 times a week. I am also starting lokomat training and going to project walk in brisbane after i am discharged in april. Because my accident happened overseas i am not compensated in anyway by our aus government therefor am relying on fundraising to fund my on going treatment. I did have travel insurance THANK GOD which covered me untill i hit home soil!

The docs told me id never walk again like ive heard they tell everyone..but i WONT let a chair take my life..i dead set refuse and with my head and heart on my side i know its possible!
Ive got a page on facebook that is called STEP BY STEP and thats where i update on my progress and also post any new SCI info or stories i find. Feel free to check it out...