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Thread: My brother was taken to the hospital

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsister View Post
    cool beans! Family is all for me too. I am picturing your sister taking care of business......look out world. Any other siblings? Not like you need more, you guys have enough connection and love. Tell your sister I feel her pain, having grown up with two devilish brothers also. Deb
    HEY! She only has one devilish brother...Mike. The rest of us are angels.
    Actually there are six of us. Mike and I are 29 (identical twins), Ann and Lucy are 25 (fraternal twins) Sam is 13 and Jackson is 8. The little guys were total surprises (long story), but they are the glue in our family. I can honestly say that Sam has never done a single thing to tick me off. Jackson is a great kid too, but he is a lot like Mike. lol

    From the time Sam was a toddler, I have known he is an "old soul". He knew what Dad wanted when Mom couldnt figure it out. Now he is that way with me and Mike. It's like he can get in my mind. He can reposition me and find positions that I stay comfortable in better than anyone, and
    he seems to know when I'm kind of down and he rubs my head. I crave human touch sometimes.

    The little scoundrel just makes me laugh. He is very witty, and smart. He asks questions about everything. "Where does fire go when you blow out the candle?, and where did they come up with the word "booze" for alcohol are two of todays.

    I don't know why we are so close, but we just seem to like each other a lot. Now our sister Lucy, is the absent one. She lives in Paris, and I don't think that is far enough away for her. She was never good with dad, and now Mike and I have her freaked. She hasnt been home in a long time. I know she loves us, she just cant deal with sickness. Some people are like that, and I would rather she do what she wants to do. Actually , I am very pissed off at her, because we are both still her brothers no matter what shape we are in. I miss her.

    Thanks my friends for the couch session. Do you take Medicare?

    BTW lilsister...I wrote a message to you and lost so disgusted I went to sleep. Will send later, ok?
    Veni.Vidi,Velcro...I came, I saw, I stuck around.

    Vidi, Vici, et Veni, et Veni, et Veni...

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    I'm so happy for y'all. Amazing family with alot of love.
    Praying things keep looking up. May God shine his light on all of you.
    God bless!

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    WTF, now I'm a sleeping pill? Thanks for the geneology, I guess there were 2 sets of twins as a protective device, to keep each other in line. In all seriousness though, I have to admit that I idolised my brothers from a young age, playing football or walking the railroad tracks with all their hockey gear to the rink just to be included. Many funny stories, like the time they decided to teach me how to waterski but they only gave me one ski to get up on(and of course I did)! Getting me to invite the "right" girls for overnights, walking ten paces behind if anyone cool was around. But also beating up a guy stupid enough to mouth off to me, giving me honest, manly advise and being there when I asked for help. Being Air Force brats brought us close and age helped cement the deal I think. And yeah, I think touch is important, I demand a hug at least daily. Sam sounds like a cool fella, just think how much you both get out of that closeness. I had to lol at your description of his questions because every ding dang morning Jim quizzes me on the meaning of several different words, then checks if I'm right on the computer dictionary later. Deb

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    The love, courage and connection between the members of your family is incredible to hear about, Mark. Glad you got to see you brother.
    Eileen said exactly what I was we are happy that Mikes on a vent...who would have thought that was a time for celebration...if the doc says an RN before he can come home, so be it...the extra help for your sis can't be a bad thing...and I understand about the sister in Paris, it has got to youngest can't handle his big bro's injury either...

    You have contributed much to ccc forums...and I hope to see Ann when she has a chance to breathe and Mike when he masters the new what ever it's called, lol

    Sleep well new friend...a bit of weight is gone...God Bless...hugs, judy

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkPals View Post
    As of 3 pm, Mike has joined the vent club. Who knows what is going on in his mind, but he agreed to the trache. I know the war isn't over, but I think this is a win for at least more time. It is up to all of us now to make his life as full as it can be. He did that for me, and we can keep him surrounded by things that will pass time for him.

    I have to share something that makes me wonder. One of Mike's big worries has been being able to afford an Eye Response system. They cost thousands of $. The one I have is from the MDA loan closet. He can still use a keyboard if someone places his hands on it, but it is tedious. Ann has been trying to run one down, but since this all hppened, she hasn't been on the computer to even check her e-mail. Today she checked, and had a message from a woman on the other end of the state , whose husband had ALS,but passed away last year. Shannon and I had talked a lot on PLM, but when he and several other friends died,I stopped going there. Well, Beth is moving and going through his things. She thought that maybe I could use some of his things, one of which is his Erica Eye-Gaze system! She said it was given to him, and she wants to pass it along. It cost them $400.00 to have it unlocked, but that is doable. The whole timing on this has me wondering if my Mom isn't sitting on a cloud somewhere pulling strings.

    I am sorry to have dragged you into our family crisis, but knowing that Mike matters makes me feel not as empty. I can't do much to help any of them right now, but being able to talk about it helps me work through things. Thank you all.

    Mark,thinks for dragging us in to your crisis. Your story has made the rest of us realize how blessed we are to have our lives and abilities to live out our dreams regardless of how altered they may be.I've had some health problems the past few years that have taken some of my independence,hurt me career wise,damaged my macho,male ego,and yet it's nothing compared to what you and your brother deal with each day.
    Selfishly speaking your story has helped me feel blessed! I'm sure it's had the same effect on others here whether or not they admit it.
    I haven't been following this board that closely the past several mos and rarely visit this forum;however,if you keep posting I m sure the people here get as much or more support from you as you receive here.
    God bless you and your family!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    The love, courage and connection between the members of your family is incredible to hear about, Mark. Glad you got to see you brother.
    and I sześć powtarzać that. (polish: 6 repeat)

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    Mark, glad things are looking better for Mike...yay! Breathing easy is a GOOD thing, yes it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkPals View Post

    Thanks my friends for the couch session. Do you take Medicare?
    I don't take medicare...I just give friendship...

    (and receive it

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