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Thread: Starting LYRICA today

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    kk - it took me 3 weeks to get over the side effects of Lyrica when I started, e.g. grogginess, but then it went away and I can say that if I keep the dose at a stable level that I am not aware of any side effect. Just my experience there.

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    That's awesome, Arndog. I only hope I have the same results and in the same amount of time!


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    Arndog, what mg are you taking, the Lyrica? Just curious.

    Also, has anybody had the side effects of your skin itching? I've already scratched and rubbed raw spots on my arms. It's driving me nuts! I sure hope this side effect goes away as well.

    I'm still groggy in the afternoons, but I'm dealing with it, still hoping that'll go away and I'll adjust; but I do think the Lyrica is helping me more than the Nurontin.


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    kk - I am currently on 75mg BID (twice a day). In the past I have taken up to 150 TID (three times a day). Since my revision spine surgery 1.5 years ago, I dropped it to my current level. I did take a Lyrica free vacation for a month. I survived, but the neuropathic pain was worse and I got back on the med.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsylady View Post
    Just To let you all know
    The Lyrica Did Not work or help me with my pain
    Gypsy, I don;t think you can tell 45 minutes after taking the first pill if it is right for you .....

    KK and Lazlo ...It really makes a big difference on my nerve pain. I generally take 200 mg twice a day, and if I let the second dose run go too long, I really know it.

    It doesn;usually make it completely go away, but dulls it to tolerable.

    I never noticed any groggyness attributed to the Lyrica, but was ob a lot of baclofen at the time, so groggy was the norm.

    But I do sometime have problems picking the right word. "Put the milk in the sink - no stove -I mean REFRIGERATOR!" sort of thing.
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    Arndog, I can't imagine being off anything for a month. But I guess that's the only way to find out if one is better. At least you're at a comfortable place. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    But I do sometime have problems picking the right word. "Put the milk in the sink - no stove -I mean REFRIGERATOR!" sort of thing.
    sjean, I've noticed that too. It's not often, but sometimes it's like the word, or even thought, was just there, then it's gone. I've made up a few words of my own, so you're not the Lone Ranger there!

    Good word, "tolerable," but I sure hope and pray that it gets better than that even. I'm trying to be positive, although it can be so tough sometimes, but I must remember... there's someone else out there who's burning more or just in much more pain than I am.

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    Hi Gang It iss good seeing you all
    Tomorrow I have a Dr appt and I'll ask him for a prescription or samples

    This lyrica medicine I took samples for 2 weeks & I dont know what questions to ask him about the levels of this medication because the samples 100 mg 2 x Did not show me any improvement

    Thank you all for your help

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    Just checking in to let everyone know that it does seem like the Lyrica is still helping me more than the Neurontin. And the sleepiness and grogginess is much better. And just FYI, I do believe the ALA is helping too, along with the B1 supplement.

    I still notice pretty bad flare-ups, but I guess that's to be expected.

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    I'm just noticing.... Arndog, I like your new pic, but where's that smile? And where was that taken? What a backdrop!

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