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Thread: Calories burned on arm bike?

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    Here is a calorie burn calculator that will at least give you a ballpark figure. It shows different activities that you can choose from.
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    Great chart, thanks Mike.

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    I have a question...does putting your legs in a machine that moves them burn calories? Even tho you aren't using muscles or doing any work.

    Or what about a arm bike that moves your legs..even though your legs are only moving because of your arms..are your legs still benefiting from that in gaining muscle and or burning calories?!

    I really should start working out more. I have one of those arm bikes that you put ur feet in & those move too. Its a dust collector in my spare bedroom I just get bored to easy using it & would rather go roll around the mall or some store! But if I used it would my legs get any benefit besides the moving/stretching it would get?
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    Anytime we can raise the heartrate, we're burning calories. I kinda question those arm/leg bikes in that if the motion and position of the hips is not right, they coiuld do some damage. I don't know for sure but it's a feeling I get from them. I do like that crankcycle that was posted earlier. Expensive but sure looks efficient.

    I hear ya on getting bored, I have my stuff in front of a TV with video and watch movies or will put on a training tape of roads with hills etc. and push the Vita glide acording to the terrain. It helps changing the tedium of crankin' and goes more quickly.

    What's great is that once you're done with the workout,you feel good and know you've accomplished another step in staying fit.

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