For anyone with the patience to read this I would like some feedback to see if reaction seems right or too sensitive. I went to a little New Year's eve gathering of some people who live in my condo buiding. As it got closer to midnight the host put the television on to the station with Dick Clark. As the ball started to descend the camera panned the crowd, and then back to Mr. Clark, who was being kissed by his wife. The hostess said "yuck, I wouldn't want to kiss that mouth." I asked why, to which she replied that it was "all messed up." I told her that he had had a stroke and that some of his facial muscles were still affected. She said she didn't care, she could never kiss a mouth like that. I kept my mouth shut out of either politeness or cowardice (could be either) but I was/am really upset at this comment and how superficial and disability related it is. There is nothing wrong with my mouth or my facial muscles, so it is not a personally relevant comment, but I find it mean-spirited and am feeling like a blow against anyone of us is a blow against us all. It is not the first time I have heard her say something like this either. There is a man who lives in this building who is brain injured. He is a pain in the butt in that he has no boundaries and doesn't easily take no as an answer, but he is not what one would think of as ugly. One day she was talking about ugly people and mentioned him. I said that he was a pain in the ass at times, but I didn't think of him as ugly. She then said something about his walk, which is awkward and difficult because of his brain injury. I told her that was his disability and did not make him ugly. She disagreed, apparently feeling safe in her bigotry because I look like I am just sitting. Anyway, it sort of ruined New Year's eve for me, especially because no one else there corrected her or said anything about what she had said. I am just as guilty, sitting there is silence feeling hurt and angry.